Many people separate business into three types: Production, Sales, and Service. The truth is ALL businesses are “service” businesses. All those who do any kind of work are “serving” whether it be customers, employers, employees, suppliers, etc. Quality personalized service means doing something extra that adds value to the product or service being manufactured or sold. It means making the experience of buying a product or service more enjoyable. This can be anything from a car wash that provides a damp towel to clean the inside of the windows to a fast food restaurant that keeps their restrooms immaculately clean.

One of the best examples I have seen of quality personalized service was a gas station. BOB bought a gas station in Caldwell, Idaho that was about to be closed. Within three years, it was the busiest and most profitable gas station in Idaho. He was able to sell his station fifteen years later for FIFTY times what he paid for it!

So, How do you compete in selling gas? By offering the lowest price, right? WRONG!

Bob was involved with the boy scouts. He had to opportunity to observe many of the scouts at camps and jamborees. He made it a point to go after some of the most energetic, cheerful, and faithful scouts and recruited them to work for him at his gas station (paying them double what they could earn at MacDonald’s). He then began a remarkable training program that had people driving miles out of their way just so experience buying gas at his station.

If you drove into Bob’s station, before you could turn the motor off, three (not one) clean cut young men would come running (not walking) to your car. One would begin washing all your windows, headlights, and taillights until they were spotless. The second would begin checking the air in all your tires – and reporting what he found, then filling or deflating them as you desired. The third, after asking how much gas you wanted, would begin pumping the gas and then ask if you would like him to check the fluids under your hood. He then checked the oil, brake fluid, radiator fluids, and the window washing fluid. If any of these needed to be filled he offered to do it. If they did not need to be filled, he reported they were all in good shape. Oh yes, the young man checking the air pressure would also point out if your tires needed to be replaced.

You received this service even if you only purchased one dollar’s worth of gas.

It’s no wonder Bob was able to build his business, increasing it’s value by fifty-fold.

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