I was 26 years old, I expected that the next couple hours would mean an additional $50,000 in my pocket. I was meeting with Jerry Stafford, a wealthy business owner. I was hoping to convince him to invest in one of my corporations. We were meeting in my office on the thirty-sixth floor of Brooks Towers in downtown Denver.

After a brief discussion about how the Broncos were doing, I launched into what I thought was a powerful presentation of my business plan and optimistic projections of how much money it would return to investors.

After about an hour, Jerry interrupted and asked me if he could ask a question. I said sure!  (The salesman in me was excited that I could turn any question he asked into another reason he should invest!) Little did I know his question would disrupt my entire life.

Jerry looked at me with an intense look in his eye and said “What is your Source?”

I looked back, bewildered, and said “what do you mean ‘What is my Source?”

He said, “Well, three things: First, what is your source of direction? Where did you get all the ideas for the plans you just explained. Second, what is your source of strength? You just described yourself accomplishing some monumental things – almost singlehandedly. Where are you going to get the personal strength to do all this?”

Then came a question that was like a knife in my gut. After a pause, Jerry said, “Third, what is your source of truth – how do you know you are not deceived about yourself and everything you are planning to do? “

I was stunned, I had no idea what to say. I was also insulted, how dare this guy ask me something like this.

I mumbled something about all my experience and about how distinguished our board of directors was – and then ran out of words.  I sat there struggling in silence, trying to think of something else to say.

Jerry then broke the silence by asking if he could tell me what his source was? I said “sure”, releived to be off the hook. Jerry then said calmly and kindly, “my source is Jesus Christ. He guides me – shows me what to do. He gives me the strength to do what I should do. And He shows me the truth about myself and the world in which I live.”

I thought to myself, “oh great, a religious kook. I am not going to get any money out of this guy.”

I stood up and angrily said; “you are wasting my time”.

I walked to the door and motioned for him to leave.

Well, I got rid of Jerry. But, I could not get rid of his questions – especially the last one. It haunted me day and night for the next few months until I was confronted with THREE BIG LIES that I had been believing.